Drs. Ikeda and Righellis first met when Dr. Ikeda was starting her freshman year at Cal. Fast forward a few short years, they have now been working side-by-side for the last several years. Dr. Righellis has found the perfect match to take over the practice as he shifts his focus towards teaching while continuing to treat patients under Dr. Ikeda’s leadership. 

“My true passion is teaching orthodontics. And now time has come for me to spend more time doing that. When it came time to decide who was going to take over the care of our patients at Righellis & Associates, there was no question you were the perfect fit for our practice. We’ve been treating patients side by side for the last several years, and the professional relationship has been beyond expectations. When I really think about it, the reason is, we share the same values in taking care of those patients.” – Straty Righellis

The shared values in treatment philosophy isn’t a coincidence. Dr. Righellis actually has an even longer history with Dr. Kazumi Ikeda—Dr. Ikeda’s father, who is a prominent orthodontist in Tokyo, Japan and a world renowned expert on the subject of jaw joint diagnosis and orthodontic treatment. Dr. Kazumi Ikeda was actually Dr. Righellis’s teacher when he was re-tooling his skillsets in jaw joint treatment, and they have kept in touch. Dr. Kazumi Ikeda has a practice with his wife, Dr. Isayo Ikeda, called Hillside View Orthodontic Office. Dr. Ikeda hopes to carry on her parents’ legacy with the practice name and is honored to be able to serve the families surrounding the Oakland Hills.

“My dream, like you Straty, has been to have a practice where I could give the highest quality of care to my patients. I feel so blessed to be with a team and families that have supported me through this transition. My mission is to take care of my patients as if they are my own family. And I promise to give the best care to our patients.” – Renie Ikeda



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