At Hillside View Orthodontics, we believe in treating every patient like a member of our own family. You can take comfort in knowing that the entire team is committed to providing you with exceptional service throughout your orthodontic journey. Here are some smiles and reviews from our patients that can give you an honest look at our office, services, and quality of care.

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Advice for other kids?

“… it’s hard at first, but once it’s done it’s AMAZING

Describe your new look

“ I’m happy!”

Advice for other kids?

“Brush your teeth and bring your rewards card.”

Thoughts on your new smile?

“It is so pretty and every time I see it I feel even happier.”

Thoughts on your new smile?

“I think it’s a lot straighter and just looks better!”

Thoughts on your new smile?

“I like it :)”

Advice for other kids?

“Don’t worry about anything hurting.”

Advice for other kids?

“Wear everything the way you’re supposed to and take good care of your teeth.”

Thoughts on your new smile?

“I love it!.”

Thoughts on your new smile?



“From my child: ‘I think this is a really good place because I like all the people who work there. When I ask questions they actually explain to me what is going on. I enjoy being there and I think it’s the best orthodontist for me!’ Great staff, very clean facilities. Everyone is helpful and answers all questions, which is very comforting for parents like me who are new to orthodontics. Highly recommend!”
- S.S.
“We’ve seen Dr. Righellis and now Dr. Ikeda for many years. My son has a tricky situation with missing teeth, but they created a treatment plan and has been with us every step of the way. I’ve been extremely impressed with the office during the pandemic. They’re safe and still very thorough with communication. Dr. Righellis took the time to come out to my care after my son’s appointment to give me a comprehensive update. This calibre of information and kindness can’t be beat. Dr. Ikeda is also amazing. My son had a painful after hours wire situation (due to something hard he ate), and she called me back within 5 minutes. I feel like this office 100% takes care and cares about their patients. Thank you!!!”
- H.K.
“Our family loves this office! My son feels that they are ‘careful, gentle, speedy and kind.’ I appreciate how organized and friendly their staff is. From our first visit, they have put my children at ease. I especially appreciate that they take the time to explain each step of the process to both me and my children. Their rewards cards are an extra bonus and motivator for my kids.”
- S.B.
“This office is one of the best I have experienced. I am truly amazed at the innovative ways they’ve come up with to incentivize the kids to be responsible in their oral hygiene. If you are anywhere close to the Bay Area, I would highly recommend this office (definitely worth a drive!).”
- T.B.
“We absolutely love them! If you want the best orthodontist for yourself or your child, look no further. I’ve never been to a better run doctor’s office. The appointments are always on time and well-orchestrated, everyone at the office is so warm and inviting, and they use impressive technology. My daughter always looks forward to her next visit. I wish every doctor’s office was this organized and welcoming!”
- L.N.
“This office is amazing. Everyone is so friendly, and I am not nervous anymore about going to the dentist or orthodontist. I like that they are very gentle and explain what they are going to do. Dr. Ikeda and Dr. Righellis are the best!”
- K.M.
“There is an art to creating the ‘perfect smile’ that is different for each patient. What works on one patient does not work on all, and they approach each patient as a unique individual and thoughtfully craft a treatment program designed to minimize discomfort. They do amazing work.”
- J.M.
“The financial manager patiently worked with me to figure out a payment plan. When it turned out that our insurance company covered more than we anticipated, I promptly received a refund for the difference without having to ask for it. I truly appreciate an office that is organized and efficient in every way, consistently, every time you visit.” - M.H.
“They worked a miracle on my smile. They are all really nice and gentle with your face (which is a plus!). It is always fun to go there too because they will make nice conversation. They are also very prompt about school slips too, so it is not difficult to have appointments during school hours. Thank you!”
- G.R.
“They are always nice and kind whenever I have an appointment. They give me points if I brush well, come to my appointment on time and just for being there. So I can win a prize with the points I have saved up. They keep me updated about how my teeth are and when I can get my braces off. #BestOrthodontistInOakland”
- J.K.
“The choice to get braces in my mid-50’s was a difficult one, but the whole team made the experience as comfortable as possible and were very accommodating with my schedule. They are very tuned into the concerns of the working adult patients. The final results are transformational, and completely worth the commitment.”
- A.C.
“Excellent, professional, and caring…all wonderful qualities that Dr. Ikeda, Dr. Righellis, and their exceptional support team exemplify!!! You will have plenty to smile about after meeting and spending time with them. I love the results of my orthodontic treatment and I recommend them whole-heartedly.”
- M.B.
“I had a bite that was so off, it could only be fixed with surgery. Even though the whole experience was not easy, it was made very manageable by Dr. Righellis, Dr. Ikeda, and their staff. They are caring, skilled, and always willing to answer my questions and make me feel comfortable. For the first time in my life I feel good about my teeth and I can breathe so much better. The treatment was literally life-changing for me.”
- J.C.

“When we first entered the office of Drs. Ikeda and Righellis, we were greeted by their organized and kind staff (this wasn’t the case with other offices). What I observed and appreciated was that Dr. Ikeda and her staff took the time to analyze each of my sons’ jaws and teeth, kept them very comfortable and happy as they did, and they warmly explained TO THEM what they were seeing in a way that was easy for them to understand... After our initial meetings with Dr. Ikeda, I knew that we were in skilled and caring hands. I was told by other orthodontists that both of my sons would need to wait to get surgery to fix their bites. After Dr. Ikeda took the time to carefully evaluate both of my sons’ jaws and growth potential, she recommended treatment to harness their growth to ideally avoid future surgery. 1.5 years later, one is already out of his first round of braces and the other is close behind. They both have grown a great deal since we started. When we look back at their original photos, it is shocking to see how much their teeth and bites have changed. We are thrilled with the treatment results so far!”
- A.B.



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